What we stand for

Since 1974, the Konditorei Oberlaa has been taking its guests into a world of the highest patisserie and confectionary art. Vinzenz Bäuerle and his team of pastry chefs are masters of their craft and attach great importance to authentic craftsmanship as well as special importance to careful processing. Exquisite creations and selected delicacies are lovingly manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facility in Vienna – Oberlaa, in compliance with the highest quality criteria.

For decades, the name Oberlaa has stood for an outstanding world of diversity. Our focus is on the preservation of traditional patisserie master art and traditional recipes in best quality. At the same time, countless new recipes have been created over the years with creativity and passion, which have set trends and also meet modern demands for taste and ingredients. This is leading the brand Oberlaa into the future.

Innovations and the creation of new culinary delights are also subject to the great importance of manual work and the most careful selection of products. Every day, our pastry chefs produce a diverse range of the finest pastries, cakes, tarts and confectionery goods, as well as savory specialities, in masterful craftsmanship. The unique wedding and celebration cakes, which are made under the artistic direction of Leopold Forsthofer, show great attention to detail and also meet the highest standards of taste and perfection.

Quality is important to us. It is the foundation, an irrefutable part of our concept for success and the greatest demand we place on ourselves every day. We rely on the most careful selection of raw materials, natural ingredients and special freshness for patisserie specialties of the highest quality, unique finesse and naturalness. Whenever possible, we naturally prefer the best local products from regional suppliers.

Oberlaa over time


In recent years, our pastry chefs have added other specialties to the Oberlaa confectionery’s varied range: These include eclairs in various flavors, Elisentaler, Carinthian Reindling, and most recently the marzipan fruit gingerbread.

Konditorei Oberlaa now operates 11 confectioneries in Vienna and one in Gerasdorf.

März 2020

Reopening of Stadthauses after a year of construction and a fundamental redesign and modernization.


Opened in the immediate vicinity of the Türkenschanzpark the Confectionery in Gersthof.


In the midst of the hustle and bustle of one of Vienna’s most popular shopping streets and in the immediate vicinity of the Museum Quarter, our confectionery opens on the Mariahilfer Straße.


Opening of the confectionery on Wiener Zentralfriedhof in a listed building directly at Gate 2.


Skills Austria Award from the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in recognition of the promotion and training of young professionals and for their commitment to WorldSkills 2017.

2016 und 2017

Award from the Austrian Chamber of Commerce as Austria’s best training company for confectioners.

In the years 2008 to 2016, our team will present other exquisite creations that are now an integral part of our range. These include the Chocarome confectionery, ginger sticks, blueberry curd cake, our petits fours in various varieties, poppy seed ring cake, apricot cream cake, the chocolate mousse heart and the Florentine.


Opening of Confectionary Bahnhof City at the new Vienna Central Station.


Opening of the confectionary at the Shopping center G3 in Gerasdorf – as the only branch outside of Vienna.


Our state-of-the-art and light-flooded new patisserie production facility opens on 3400m2 in Oberlaa.

Reopening Confectionary & Restaurant at Kurpark after complete remodeling. In addition to the park-side garden, the restaurant has been expanded to include a spacious sun terrace.

Opening Confectionary & Restaurant in the heart of Sievering.


The Josefstadt location opens in the immediate vicinity of the famous Theater in der Josefstadt. In the warm season, the idyllic guest garden invites you to linger.

Also in 2006: Launch of the well-known LaaKronen in different varieties, which quickly become very popular.


The confectionery Oberlaa takes over the traditional Café Dommayer in Hietzing, where Johann Strauss father and son as well as Josef Lanner once played music. With the greatest possible preservation of its unique traditional charm, the Café Dommayer is being renovated and reopened on November 20th, 2006 as the Confectionary Oberlaa Dommayer.

2004 und 2005

In the years of 2004 and 2005, some of today’s most popular Oberlaa specialties were created: lemon cake, raspberry cake, Parisian Spitz and nougat Spitz as well as our orange slices.

2004 und 2005

In the years of 2004 and 2005, some of today’s most popular Oberlaa specialties were created: lemon cake, raspberry cake, Parisian Spitz and nougat Spitz as well as our orange slices.

Opening of the pastry shop opposite the popular Kutschkermarkt in Währing. In the two decades that followed, Konditorei Oberlaa opened further confectioneries and restaurants in the best locations in Vienna.

Opening of the Confectionary Landstraße near the Vienna City Park and today’s Wien Mitte train station.

Conversion, expansion and reopening of the pastry shop next to the Kurpark Oberlaa.


Opneing of the Confectionary-Café in the Stadthaus. From now on, patisserie goods, food and drinks could also be consumed on site.


Opening of the Stadthaus pastry shop on the Neuer Markt in the heart of Vienna’s city center – initially only as a pure sales business.


Opening of the Kurkonditorei Oberlaa, the patisserie and the thermal bath restaurant. The foundation stone of the company has been laid.