Raspberry Cake

This delicious Oberlaa cake was specially designed for raspberry fans: a wealth of fresh raspberries, covered in light yet indulgent raspberry jelly and poured over a base of crisp chocolate cake. Roasted almonds put the finishing touches on our exquisite raspberry cake.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Allergen ingredients

Eggs, Gluten, Nuts & Soybeans

Ingredients without lactose

Delivery options

pick up at the branch of your choice

delivery within Vienna

All fresh products, such as cakes or similar, are not sent by post under no circumstances.


This cake is available in several sizes:

Mini – 5 portions (Cake diameter: 16 cm)

I – 8 portions (Cake diameter: 18 cm)

II – 12 portions (Cake diameter: 23 cm)