Oberlaa Wedding Cake H04

Attention to detail and skill is at the heart of this classic yet elegant Oberlaa wedding cake. The heart borders and delicate butterflies are all made by hand in our patisserie, making sure only the finest ingredients are used for this stunning creation.

This carefully decorated wedding cake is available in the following flavours:
Oberlaa Kurbad cake, truffle cake, Sacher cake, punch cake or Esterházy cake.

Individual tiers can be made of different cake flavours.

This cake is available in several sizes with 2 or 3 tiers:

2 tiers (1 x II/2 x 0) – 24 portions
2 tiers (1 x III/2 x II) – 53 portions
3 tiers (1 x III/2 x II/2 x 0) – 63 portions