Blackcurrant Cake – Size II

When the first autumn days are starting to knock on our doors and delicious blackcurrants are in season again it’s also high time for our popular blackcurrant cake. This Oberlaa specialty gets its characteristic rich purple colour from the fresh, almost black ripe blackcurrants our pastry chefs use to make this fall favourite.

Soft sponge cake, scrumptious blackcurrant yoghurt cream, fresh currants and a shot of Crème de Cassis liquor make our blackcurrant cake the perfect treat for bright autumn days.


Allergen ingredients

eggs, gluten, milk & nuts

Delivery options

pick up at the branch of your choice

delivery within Vienna

All fresh products, such as cakes or similar, are not sent by post under no circumstances.


This cake is only available in one size

II – 8 portions (cake diameter: 23 cm)