Strawberry Tiramisu Cake – Mini

Our strawberry tiramisu cake is a real treat for all the senses. The fine, airy biscuit base provides the perfect setting for the light and airy mascapone cream. The fruity wild berry and strawberry purée give the cake a fresh and fruity flavour that will tantalise your taste buds. The crispy mini biscotti provide a pleasant crunch and give the cake an interesting texture. Together, they create a flavour experience that is sweet, fruity and simply irresistible. This cake is a real eye-catcher on any coffee table.




Allergen ingredients

eggs, gluten, soy & milk

Delivery options

pick up at the branch of your choice

delivery within Vienna

All fresh products, such as cakes or similar, are not sent by post under no circumstances.


This cake is only in one size available

Mini – 5 portions (cake diameter: 16 cm)