Truffle Cake

The creation of this delicious handcrafted truffle cake is a delicate and complicated procedure. This can be seen in our exquisite truffle cake.
The buttery yet light chocolate cake is baked in thin layers and then filled layer by layer with scrumptious chocolate cream. The cake is then covered with finest milk chocolate making it a decadent delight for all occasions. A tempting confectionery specialty for every occasion.

This cake is available in several sizes:

Mini – 5 portions (cake diameter: 16 cm)
I – 10 portions (cake diameter: 18 cm)
II – 14 portions (cake diameter: 23 cm)
III – 25 portions (cake diameter: 30 cm)
IV – 35 portions (cake diameter: 36 cm)
V – 50 portions (cake diameter: 45 cm)




Allergen ingredients

Eggs, Gluten, Milk, Nuts & Soybeans